Witches and More Mod [1.4.6/1.4.5]

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Recipe Arrow Recipe Bed

Recipe Boat

Recipe Book Shelf

Recipe Bowl

Recipe Chest

Recipe Crafting Table

Recipe Diamond Great Tree Hammer

Recipe Diamond Great Tree Hoe

Recipe Diamond Great Tree Pickaxe

Recipe Diamond Great Tree Spade

Recipe Diamond Great Tree Sword

Recipe Diamond Great Tree Axe

Recipe Fishing Rod

Recipe Forest Bloom Half Log

Recipe Great Tree Button

Recipe Great Tree Door

Recipe Great Tree Fence Gate

Recipe Great Tree Fence

Recipe Great Tree Ladder

Recipe Great Tree Pressure Plate

Recipe Great Tree Log Step

Recipe Great Tree Log Table

Recipe Great Tree Plank Stairs

Recipe Great Tree Pressure Plate

Recipe Great Tree Stairs

Recipe Great Tree Stick

Recipe Great Tree Trap Door

Recipe Great Tree Window

Recipe Great Tree Wood Log Table

Recipe Great Tree Wood Step

Recipe Iron Great Tree Axe

Recipe Iron Great Tree Hammer

Recipe Iron Great Tree Hoe

Recipe Iron Great Tree Pickaxe

Recipe Iron Great Tree Spade

Recipe Iron Great Tree Sword

Recipe Jukebox

Recipe Lever

Recipe Log Stool

Recipe Median Brick Chimney

Recipe Median Brick Furnace

Recipe Median Brick Log Table

Recipe Median Brick Pressure Plate

Recipe Median Brick Stairs

Recipe Median Earth Brick Step

Recipe Median Earth Bricks

Recipe Median Salad

Recipe Note Block

Recipe Painting

Recipe Redstone Torch

Recipe Seaweed Sushi

Recipe Sign

Recipe Stone Great Tree Axe

Recipe Stone Great Tree Hammer

Recipe Stone Great Tree Hoe

Recipe Stone Great Tree Pickaxe

Recipe Stone Great Tree Spade

Recipe Stone Great Tree Sword

Recipe Sturdy Saddle

Recipe Torch

Recipe Tripwire Hook

Recipe Wood Great Tree Axe

Recipe Wood Great Tree Hammer

Recipe Wood Great Tree Hoe

Recipe Wood Great Tree Pickaxe

Recipe Wood Great Tree Spade

Recipe Wood Great Tree Sword

Shapeless Recipe Fishmeal

Shapeless Recipe Great Tree Planks

Shapeless Recipe Great Tree Wood Button

Shapeless Recipe Median Brick Button

Shapeless Recipe Unshelled Great Tree Nut

Smelting Recipe Charcoal

Smelting Recipe Median Earth Brick

Smelting Recipe Roasted Great Tree Nut


  • Always back up your world saves even if you don’t use mods just to be safe.
  • A Configuration file for this mod will automatically generate after starting Minecraft with this mod and Forge properly installed. It is located in the .minecraft/config/ folder. You can use it to change settings for this mod, such as resolving any ID conflicts with other mods..
  • To edit the configuration file you can open it with something like notepad and then change the values after the equal sign. When you are done, save it.
  • After an update to this mod and/or Minecraft you should delete this configuration file so it can generate a new one.


I suggest using Magic Launcher. Once you learn to use it, it can make playing with mods easier.

  • 1. Install the required version of Minecraft Forge in to your minecraft.jar
  • 2. Remove META-INF from your minecraft.jar
  • 3. Put the zip file WitchesandMore into your /mods folder
  • 4. Load up Minecraft and play!

No base class files were altered so it should work with many other mods.



  • Updated to Minecraft 1.4.6.
  • Bug fixes and new content added.
  • Hamster added.
  • Pumpkin Chest added.
  • Cyclops now drool.
  • Median Flower pots now accept vanilla minecraft plants too.
  • Added Block Median Flower Pot.
  • Added Block Blue Girl rose.

Download Minecraft Witches and More Mod [1.4.6/1.4.5]:

For 1.4.6

Witches and More Mod


For 1.4.5


Credits: Chancebozey

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