Tropicraft Mod v3.0.2 [1.2.5]

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Innovative Terrain Generation…

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Plentiful Wildlife…

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Countless species of animals…

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Install videos:

  • 1. Install Modloader into the jar.
  • 2. Install Minecraft Forge into the jar.
  • 3. Install Tropicraft into the mods folder.
  • 4. Delete the folder titled “META-INF”
  • 5. Enjoy a pina colada while relaxing under a palm tree!

To get into the realm:

  • 1. Get materials(Bamboo, Coconut chunks(Break a coconut with a sword), a pinapple, wool(red, yellow, light blue, magenta, green))
  • 2. Make a bamboo mug. x = Piece of Bamboo
    • x x
    • x x
    • xxx
  • 3. Make a Pina Colada. x = Bamboo mug, y = Coconut chunk, z = Pineapple
    • y
    • z
    • x
  • 4. Make a chair. x = Bamboo, y = Wool(red, yellow, light blue, magenta, green)
    • xyx
    • xyx
    • xyx
  • 5. Place the chair
  • 6. At sunset, drink the Pina Coloda
  • 7. …
  • 8. Profit!


Requires: ModLoader, Forge (Modloader first, then Forge)

Tropicraft: Put in /mods/ folder

Tropicraft v3.0.2

Tropicraft: Crystal Clear Underwater(Allows for clear underwater viewing)

Requires: ModLoader, Forge (ModLoader first, then Forge)

Notes: Does not work with any other mod that edits lr.class (ex: OptiFine)

Tropicraft: Put in /mods/ folder

Tropicraft v3.0.2

Tropicraft: Put in minecraft.jar



  • Fixed Bugs
  • Sifters giving infinite items
  • Bamboo Spears not breaking
  • Fishing nets not swinging when used
  • Being able to consume food when the hunger meter is full. Pina coladas will still be drinkable when hunger is full.
  • Palm Planks give sticks and can be crafted into tools
  • Pina Coladas are now a shapeless recipe…Yay for 2×2 crafting
  • Volcanoes generating “Arms” when reforming the caldera
  • Eruptions not saving
  • Lighting glitches
  • Slabs transforming
  • Iris bugs
  • MLProp not using the values you provide in the config
  • Bamboo grows in jebungles and plains
  • Tribal Fishing Rod should not be visible in TMI anymore
  • Craftable Encyclopedias
  • Darts give 4 instead of 1
  • Fixed Eudialyte Axe Recipe

Download Tropicraft Mod v3.0.2 for Minecraft 1.2.5:


Credits to: Cojomax99

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