Metallurgy 2 Mod [1.4.2]

Minecraft Mods — October 25, 2012, 11:53 PM

Metallurgy 2 is a vast enhancement to the basic mining system, adding well over 48+ new metals (based on which submods you use). Our goal is to create a balanced atmosphere for players to explore and enjoy mining. Metallurgy 2 is also modular, configurable, and entirely tailoring for the player’s experience.

You can find the configs in your .minecraft folder under Config/Metallurgy/(Metal Set)



  • Install Forge by extracting it into your Minecraft.jar and deleting META-INF
  • Run Minecraft, get to title screen, exit.
  • Put Metallurgy Core into your mods folder. (DONT EXTRACT!)
  • Put any Metal Sets you want into your mods folder. (DONT EXTRACT!)
  • Run Minecraft, enjoy.

Server Installation:

  • Obtain the server.jar
  • Install Forge’s latest server version into it (DO NOT DELETE META-INF FROM SERVER!)
  • Run the Server, when its done booting type “stop” in the console
  • Delete the World folder it just created, drop (not extract!) the Metallurgy files into the Mods folder it just created
  • Start up, enjoy.



  • 1.4.2 Compatible
  • Blocks added for Base Metals (3×3 of a metal bar)
  • Fixed spawn issues with some ores that had ore counts of 3 or less.

Download Metallurgy 2 Mod for Minecraft 1.4.2:

Metallurgy Core 2.2.1 (Required to play Metallurgy!)

Metallurgy Base Metals 2.2.1

Metallurgy Precious Metals 2.2.1

Metallurgy Nether Metals 2.2.1

Metallurgy Fantasy Metals 2.2.1

Metallurgy Ender Metals 2.2.1

Metallurgy Utility Ores 2.2.1

Metallurgy API

Credits: Shadowclaimer

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